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Special Interests: User eXperience; usability; card sorting methods; user research

Faculty Bio

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Janice James

Janice James, M.A., is a consultant with more than 22 years of experience in the field of User eXperience. Her goal has always been to work with others to help create user interfaces that users can and will enjoy using. Janice has provided User eXperience expertise and workshops to clients across multiple domains, including healthcare, financial, technology, and e-commerce. A small subset of clients include CNet, AOL/Netscape, Hewlett Packard, Intuit,, eBay, AARP and McGraw-Hill. Her career also includes developing UX programs at three major corporations: Netscape Communications, AMR’s Sabre Travel Information Network and Electronic Forms Systems (EFS).

Janice’s proudest accomplishment in the UX field is becoming the principle founder of the Usability Professionals’ Association in 1990 after recognizing the need for a practical-oriented organization dedicated to enhancing usability professionals’ skills and professional success. She served as President for five years and served on the Board of Directors through 1999. She co-authored UPA Chapters Guidelines and directed other leaders in the development of many of the early UPA chapters. Janice also co-founded the Society for Technical Communications (STC) Professional Interest Committee on Usability.

Janice holds a Master's degree in Technical Communication and is a published author and frequent speaker at professional conferences. She was a contributing author of Usability in Practice and is the co-author of User-Centered Design Stories: Real-World UCD Case Studies.

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Courses Taught by Faculty

Courses taught by Janice James:

Title: Card Sorting for Information Architecture
Course #: R 25
Group: UX Requirements Analysis
Status: in planning