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Special Interests: Process improvement; market research interviews and surveys; "discount" user research methods (task analysis, usability objectives and user concepts & artifacts)

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Bob Opaluch, Ph.D., is a UX designer and usability professional. He worked for Verizon, Bell Labs, Computer Sciences Corp and a Silicon Valley startup acquired by Oracle. His work includes: (a) Consumer interviews and surveys to evaluate new product concepts, identify specific user needs and prioritize candidate product features; (b) User research to produce user profiles, task analysis diagrams, quantitative usability objectives, competitive analyses and user concepts & artifacts used in design; (c) Design and prototyping, including information architecture, wire frames, flows, requirements, prototypes, design libraries and style guides; (d) Usability analyses, including quick usability audits, rapid prototyping feedback sessions, formal usability testing in the lab and field testing; (e) Usability metrics, including process metrics and server log analysis; and (f) Process improvement.

Bob was a psychology professor for five years at UCLA, Cal State, U Northern Colorado and U Maryland - European Division. He taught a wide variety of courses in developmental, social and humanistic psychology, testing and measurement, statistics, human factors and introductory computer science.

Bob holds five US patents. He earned numerous awards for his work at Verizon, Bell Labs and UCLA. He authored the AT&T Best Practices book Usability Engineering: Designing for Ease of Use and the "Usability Metrics" chapter in Julie Ratner's Human Factors and Web Development book. Bob was elected the US representative to the ISO standards group authoring the ISO standard 13407 on "Human-Centered Design Processes for Interactive Systems" (methods). Bob has Ph.D., M.A. and C.Phil degrees in Psychology from UCLA and bachelor degrees in Applied Mathematics and in Philosophy from Brown University.

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Opaluch, Bob, "Usability Metrics", in:

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